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What is Birth After Cesarean?

Birth After Cesarean is an outreach arm of BirthAction.org.  We are a creation of mothers, for mothers, ALL mothers.  Mainstream, crunchy, modern, digital, working, stay-at-home, single, or married.  Amazing women in whatever form they come and whatever their background.  We are here to witness stories, share needs and move forward in healing.  We want to answer your needs and offer you a forum to come to and give your talents and time in helping other mothers.

Do you need to talk about your cesarean?  Learn how to fight VBAC bans?  Find out more information about family-centered cesareans?  Find out more about VBAC after multiple cesareans?  We’re here for you!

Would you like the most updated research regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum after a cesarean, including pregnancy complications, diagnosis in pregnancy, how to weigh information and make decisions that will affect you for life?  Would you like local resources for pregnancy or to know how to file a complaint?  Let us know what you need!

For more information: info@birthaftercesarean.com

To offer your story: feedback@birthaftercesarean.com

If you would like to help us, email director@birthaftercesarean.com.

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