Bibliography for Cesarean-Related Topics

Women are constantly asking about the research, the references and the questions normally go something like this: “Do you have anything on uterine rupture I can show my doctor? He says I have a 25% chance of uterine rupture.” “What can I show my husband to tell him that homebirth after cesarean is safe?” and more…

These pages are designed to give you a place to start on reading about cesarean-related topics. You can check out our parent site,, for a bibliography page with more general pregnancy-related studies. Keep in mind that educating yourself is no substitute for holding your doctor or midwife accountable. You can turn the question back on your provider rather easily by saying, “I can understand why that would concern you. Do you have the study that states that so I can read it?” or “Where can I read more about that particular risk?”

For more on how to read and understand studies:


Breech Bibliography

Epidural Usage and Cesareans


Planned Cesareans vs Planned Vaginal Delivery


Single-layer, double-layer Studies


Uterine Rupture Bibliography



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