Can I have a Respectful Cesarean?

Lately, there has been increasing discussion regarding cesareans made more mother-friendly. The concept came out of some videos in the UK and is now being popularized and sold in the US as the answer to helping women cope with the trauma of cesarean.

There is a basic flaw with the sales of this because every birth should be respectful. Providers shouldn’t have to sell skin to skin contact as if they are the only provider in the US that does it. Mothers shouldn’t have to beg to touch their babies before hours in recovery. This shouldn’t be an issue because it should be standard of practice.

The reason I chose to write about this is another simple reminder that moms shouldn’t have to sell their births to get a respectful cesarean either. Every birth should be respectful. Every birth should be as gentle as it can be made to be. Women shouldn’t have to agree to surgery to be treated well and this should not be advertising to convince women out of options like vaginal breech birth. If your provider uses this as a selling point, then consider the question, “will my choices be respectfully treated if I do not choose this elective procedure” if the answer is no, is this really who you want to be helping you transition into motherhood?

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