What is a “CBAC”?

Often used to define a cesarean after a cesarean, CBAC is a term that women began to use to describe their experiences in childbirth when they planned a VBAC and then circumstances arose that resulted in another cesarean. It was an emotional process to plan a vaginal birth and after struggling to reach that point, wind up with a cesarean they had not intended and didn’t want. The term “CBAC” helped to ease the pain for some of them by taking away the assumption that mom elected a cesarean.

One definition of CBAC, given by a mom who had both a CBAC and a VBAC:

“The term CBAC is kind of a dicey one… I’ll give you mine, which I think more or less agrees with the CBAC list (The CBAC list referred to is an internet support group such as BirthAfterCesarean) ideal. A CBAC is a c/s that occurs when mom wanted a VBAC. If she fought tooth and nail for a VBAC, labored 17 hours, pushed for 2 hours, and still got cut, it’s a CBAC. If she had her heart set on VBAC, then was dx’d with a complete previa and has to schedule a c/s, it’s a CBAC. If she had a UR and can only ever have c/s again – and that hurts her heart – it’s a CBAC. Does that make any sense? A CBAC can be planned, but usually isn’t. Any time a mom has a secondary or higher-order c/s and doesn’t want it, it’s a CBAC.”

Mother’s Stories of CBACs:


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