Long-Term Risks of Cesarean Surgery

In 2011, there has been more and more evidence displayed that show the long-term risks of cesarean are real and life-threatening to both a mother and her future babies.

While long-term risks of cesarean include non-pregnancy related conditions, as recently as April 2011, there have been news articles about other risks during future pregnancies. For many women, their fertility can range over a long span, choosing to have children across a lifetime and every cesarean increases the risks to those future pregnancies. A recent ABCNews article, Placenta Accreta: Multiple C-Sections Can Kill Mother outlines some of the basic risks of risks like placenta accreta and percreta, which can increase maternal death. As the cesarean rates in the US rise, so do corresponding rates of accreta and percreta. For women who have had cesareans, it’s important for them to know about these risks so they can weigh their future childbearing in when deciding on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or repeat elective cesareans.

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