Recovering from a cesarean takes on many forms.

Some of us want to heal physically so we can ‘feel’ normal. Others need to know that it was necessary or warranted so they can heal mentally and spiritually. Still other new moms rush into being the perfect mom so they can heal emotionally. We each pick and choose what areas we are working on, sometimes subconsciously making a decision that one particular thing makes us “healed” from the experience. How our cesarean happened can also affect how we go about the healing process. If we feel that we had no choice, it can take away our need to process some things and for others, it can add to the why of the process. There is so much surrounding recovery and healing that it’s hard to sum up in short paragraphs on a website how so many women feel about an event that impacts everything we do and how we do it.

Where are you in your healing process? What most helps you? Let us know at

We are currently looking for some scar recovery tips like this one:

  • use olive oil to remove any adhesives or tapes near the scar area. Lightly saturate the tape and it should peel right off.

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