Infertility: The Other Side of Pregnancy

For every mother out there having a baby, there are others who are struggling through varying degrees of inability to conceive. They are also trapped in the obstetric world, dealing with the same issues that pregnant women deal with every day.

-Informed Consent
-Full Information
-Procedures without Understanding
-Provider Trust Issues

Most days, I’m not sure how to help mainstream pregnant women become more aware of these issues or how to react to them in order to receive proper respectful care and treatment and here I am including the even more broad environment of fertility issues.

Women, we are not broken as people even when our bodies betray us, we are not stupid and we deserve information, answers, consent and more than simple vacillation from our care providers who expect us to do as told in order to walk away with a healthy baby. There are more routes to birthing and parenting than compliance.

Arm yourself with information, empower yourself with the knowledge that gives you the rights to say no and make choices based on health, safety and instinct, not convenience. Anything less could easily be a shirking of responsibility.

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