Making Decisions: Bring your Brain to Work

Women and childbirth educators often talk about how to make decisions while under the influence of care providers or while standing in their offices. We all know it’s intimidating to sit there, half-naked in a paper sheet. Often, we need a non-confrontational way to think about the choices in front of us. Here’s some helpful standard acronyms for making good choices:


  • B – benefits
  • R – risks
  • A – alternatives
  • N – what happens if we do nothing
  • D – decision/delay/decide later (What if we wait? Respect your intuition! Ask for a few minutes to evaluate.)


  • B = benefits
  • R = Risks
  • A = Alternatives
  • N = do Nothing (What happens if we decide to do nothing?)
  • D = Decision


  • I = Intuition
  • N = Now What?

Or you can download this pdf from Lucina Birth Services.

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