Reasons For Cesarean: Mental

There is a lot that can be said for cesareans being a head game, not a belly event. One follows the other and for some women, cesareans are a way to get away from something else they don’t want to occur (or in the case of many women, re-occur).

Some backup for the phenomenon of “Cesarean for Fear” came from Science Daily in September of 2011. The article, Fear of Childbirth Increases Likelihood of C-Section, Study Suggests, talks about various reasons that women wind up with cesareans and fear weighs heavily on the minds of many moms headed towards labor. Inductions also increased, with a corresponding rise in cesarean rate. It doesn’t go into the details of why those moms are more likely to wind up with cesareans, even after counseling but if this study had occurred in the US, the question regarding physician coercion would probably be raised.

This doesn’t mean that being afraid of a cesarean is going to automatically wind you up in the OR but it does mean that being aware of your fears and how to cope with them should be a part of prenatal care. Don’t wait for labor to let your fears go.


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